The Dems Burn-My-Own-House-Down Strategy is Working, Exhibit Infinite are Brown’s Poll Numbers

From Amy Walter, who is clearly on the side of no, Brown will not win, but has these interesting things to say:

“Can Republican Scott Brown really win? If you look at just those who say they are the most interested in voting on Jan. 19, the answer is yes. Among those in the recent Boston Globe poll who said they were “extremely interested” in the race, Coakley and Brown were tied at 47 percent. Last week’s Rasmussen poll showed similar results. Among those who said they were most likely to go to the polls, Coakley led by just 2 points — 47 percent to 45 percent. (Coakley still had an overall lead of 15 points in the Globe poll and 9 points in Rasmussen.)”

But more importantly, I think, is that Walter acknowledges that the health care issue really motivates Republicans and Independents to be for Brown, but the health care issue is not a motivating factor for the Dems.  This another log on the burn-my-own-house-down strategy the Dems that Obama-Pelosi-Reid have pursued in the quest to sacrifice to their Pagan god of health reform:

“But the closeness of this race highlights the bigger problem for Democrats going into this midterm election: motivation. Revving up their base was easy when it was all about Bush. Now that it’s all about them, Democrats aren’t as interested. To be sure, the Coakley campaign itself deserves some of the blame for failing to engage her base more actively. But this lack of Democratic excitement is not all about her. It’s been evident in state and national polls for a while. And health care is not the issue that will motivate them.

“In December, Pew Research Center President Andrew Kohut noted “a lack of passion among Democrats” — especially on the issue of health care. A poll out this weekend showed that just 66 percent of Nevada Democrats approved of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid‘s efforts on health care — compared to almost universal disapproval among Republicans (90 percent) and independents (75 percent). In Massachusetts, 64 percent of Brown supporters said they “strongly” opposed the congressional health care legislation, while just 30 percent of Coakley voters “strongly” favored it.”

The Dems refuse to listen to reason, therefore they can not see what everyone else sees: the longer health care drags on the worse it gets for them.

The reason it keeps getting worse politically is because the public strongly opposes this bill, and every step it takes proves writ large that the Dems will not listen to the public and the independents, and not being listened to makes the public feel first, humiliated, and second, angry.

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