The CDC’s Pathetically Low Priority of Immunity Tests Shows — More than Two Weeks of Testing, No Results

According to the CDC:

Currently, CDC’s serologic test is designed and validated for broad-based surveillance and research that will give us the information needed to guide the response to the pandemic and protect the public’s health. The test is not currently designed to test individuals who want to know if they have been previously infected with COVID-19.

But, the United States Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) continues to slow-walk making public immunity testing results for their antibody testing that began “the week of March 30th” — whichever day that means, likely the last day of that week, April 3rd.

In other words, the CDC has more than two weeks of testing results — none of which they have shared.

If the delay in immunity test results continues, there is no doubt that the “Slow the Spread” national-nanny team is deliberately slow-walking the immunity results.

Here are the likely reasons, the widespread (high) infection numbers will:

a) radically drop the mortality rate, now calculated only be those who are tested in hospitals because they are very ill — the 10% of the sick who are admitted;

b) lower mortality numbers will undermine the self-quarantine and need or consensus for shutting down businesses and schools; and,

c) substantially enrage those who have been economically devastated by the shut down of their employer’s businesses.

Are these very strong reasons why the ‘Slow the Spread’ nanny team are slow-walking the availability of tests for the public or the test results they say they are running now?

Why aren’t serology tests widely available?

Here are the test results of two studies done outside of government control — so the results are available.  One shows a third of those in a small town in Massachusetts have antibodies and another shows that there are 50 to 80 unknown infected for every known infected.

I have been informed, reliability, that the reason is that the medical side of the WH Task Force, meaning the team led by Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix has suppressed the tests because they have a 1% false-positive rate, which they say is too high.

99% accuracy is better than most tests and is acceptable in virtually all aspects of life.

Such judgments about risk call into question all other judgments about risk that have been made to date.

If true, it’s clear that the perfect has become the enemy of the good enough — release the immunity tests to the public.  And release the test results.

We keep hearing we will have 20 million immunity tests?  Where are they?  When will they arrive?

According to the CDC:

Commercially manufactured serologic tests that check for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in individuals are becoming increasingly available for use through healthcare providers.

This is just straight-up bullshit.  They are lying and hurting their already damaged credibility over their first testing failure and total fiasco.

Is CDC up for a repeat?

And the FDA’s emergency authorized use of an antibody test is meaningless — that test is not available.

I am not unequipped to find an anti-body test — and I can tell you, they are not available.

I had a test scheduled three weeks ago but the doctor who was going to administer it told me I had to wait because his medical distributor was told they could not send any antibody tests.

The President or the Vice President needs to change their minds on the point about releasing the tests and anti-body test results and/or over-rule the medical team.  The country needs to open.

The political impact of knowing there are large numbers of infecteds cannot be overstated, which is why the public should know immediately — and likely why the medical team is slow-walking serology testing results or releasing tests they are withholding from distribution.

More fantasyland timelines and testing malarky from the CDC?

CDC is evaluating commercially manufactured serologic tests in collaboration with the Biomedical Research and Development Authority, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. This evaluation is expected to be completed in late April.

Once again, the CDC has failed the American public on the subject of testing.

The leadership of the CDC must go.  This is the second massive strategic failure on the subject of testing.

And the convalescent plasma blood treatment we keep hearing about — which obviously need to have an antibody test to give the plasma to a patient sick with the Wuhan virus — those are not available either.

I have checked in the New York City region, there are no appointments until May available online and calling and leaving a message does nothing, no calls returned.

No response to registering for the plasma donation database either — all of which point to this one simple fact: antibody test are being withheld from everyone, including the plasma treatment project.

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