Opposing Trump on Rx Repricing is Take Your Breath Away Politically Suicidal

Those ‘conservatives’ who oppose Trump on Rx Pricing Reform will Hurt the GOP with Seniors More than the ‘conservatives’ did with Suburban Women on Pre-X prior to the Last Election

Here is what Trump wants to do “the president has embraced importing drugs from Canada, as well as an international pricing policy that would bar Medicare from paying more than other countries for prescription drugs.”

Very clear. Very simple. Very straight-forward. Very understandable.

Facts like the two bullet points below, also spur political action:

  • The sickest 5% of Americans account for at least 50% of all health-care spending, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation study. 
  • Prescription drugs now eat up an astounding 40% of all the health spending among high-cost patients, the study found.

In a world where every other country in the world artificially sets drug prices “free market” means loading-up-maximum-possible Rx prices on the American public. 

And incorrectly insisting that negotiating price is socialism — it’s not, it’s the most basic of all free-market concept ever, and has been around since men and women were selling in the local market or town square.

The only thing calling negotiating for drug prices socialism is going to do, is make socialism more popular.

This Trump policy is incredibly popular and smart too, given the realities of the Rx price-controlled world we live in.

Opposition to this policy will lose on the floor of the House and Senate.

It will also paint GOP as the party of NO on health care (again) and will probably do as much damage to us with seniors that the whole Title One Pre-X debate before the last election did to the GOP with suburban women.

It really is not possible to screw up politically more than backing Big Pharma to make up their margins lost in every other country on the backs of Americans.

Big Pharma is less popular with the American people than any group ever polled. You may think that is an exaggeration, it’s not.

Opposing Trump on this is take-your-breath-away politically suicidal.

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