Dept. of Homeland Security, IRS and Consumer Reporting Agencies to Check Your ObamaCare Application, Under Penalty of Perjury

All those in the ObamaCare loving media and their gushing praise of the new three page ObamaCare application, didn’t mention it, but the fact remains that the Democratic Party is building a Super State around ObamaCare, with the application for subsidies to buy ObamaCare approved insurance being checked against information from the Department of Homeland Security, the IRS, Social Security and Consumer Reporting Agencies (read: credit check).

Here is the key part of the new ObamaCare application, from Naked Capitalism:

“I’m signing this application under penalty of perjury, which means I’ve provided true answers to all the questions on this form to the best of my knowledge. I know that I may be subject to penalties under federal law if I intentionally provide false or untrue information. …

“We need this information to check your eligibility for help paying for health coverage if you choose to apply. We’ll check your answers using information in our electronic databases and databases from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Social Security, the Department of Homeland Security, and/or a consumer reporting agency. If the information doesn’t match, we may ask you to send us proof.

“Yes, Equifax (a “consumer reporting agency”) could be affecting your eligibility for ObamaCare (a Federal program). Now, this is a major policy change, or perhaps a policy determination. Here’s the equivalent language in the draft 26-page “Single Streamlined Application.” As you can see, the language had not then been finalized:

“Here are the key passages:

“As part of the Privacy step, an individual also provides agreement and consent for their information to be used and retrieved from data sources. They also agree that they have permission from all other persons they may list on the application for their information to be used and retrieved as part of the application process for verifying the household’s information in order to make eligibility determinations. The specific components of the consent language are still under review across the federal agencies, but the essence of the language will address the basic agreement to the retrieval and use of their household’s data for verifying information and making eligibility determinations and will include language that agreement is provided under penalty of perjury and understanding of potential prosecution for false information (similar to when a person signs and submits the application).”

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