Successful Italian Entrepreneurs Video Briefing of What is Really Happening in Italy: “All the Hospitals are Full”

Watch this briefing here.

Here is a reasonable summary:

The virus is an omnipresent predator, and we are the animals.  There is this flight or fight.  Flight will spread the virus.  The only way to help people around you, please sit still.

Two weeks ago I thought me and my family were invulnerable.  I thought the health system would protect us.  I thought this was a ridiculous idea that there would be a collapse.  My relatives and Dad in Hamburg still haven’t understood.  They are not there yet.  I wish I had listened to the news better.

Peak infection in Italy is expected in mid-May.  Lockdown is announced until the third of April.  But right now the third of April for the end of lockdown is looking not likely.

Government ratings are through the roof, very high.  Everyone is thankful the government is being so forceful and putting everybody in such strong, total lockdown.

Stay positive, be negative — meaning stay positive in spirit, negative in coronavirus.

Their report, from the front line:

  • The hospitals are completely all filled up.
  • The hospitals are so filled up there are no beds or ventilators, doctors have a very difficult time deciding who will live or die.
  • Sirens all day long with coronavirus patients.
  • Broken leg patients will die because there is no room at the hospital.
  • Adolescents and youth have a great deal of difficulty.
  • Sit still, don’t move.  If you break your leg, the ambulance will leave you, they have other priorities.
  • Dentists working on first aid to take the pressure off the hospitals.
  • Nurses and doctors are working really hard and the greatest risk for the spread is for them to go home and contaminate their family.
  • Banks have people paying only the interests on loans and mortgages.  Businesses give all employees their holidays and the government pays a percentage of the employees’ salaries.
  • How to communicate the seriousness:  only when death is close, a neighbor or family member or employee or employee’s family, then it convinces people that it is serious.  Many people were in denial.

Supply situation:

  • Yes, enough food in supermarkets.
  • People are acting in a very responsible way.
  • Kids have been locked in for three weeks.
  • You have to carry a card issued by the government to go to the supermarket.  Only one person can go out.
  • You can’t go out for cigarettes.
  • Grocery and pharmacy and construction are open.  Bars, restaurants are closed.


  • My kids have been home for three weeks.
  • I am becoming an expert in homeschooling and the teachers are sending homework by email.
  • One parent must work full-time on just homeschooling.


  • Our employees are not coming in.
  • Supply and transport are working but the supply problem is now 7 days for Amazon, not one day.  And it is slowly freezing.
  • DHL is not delivering to our area.
  • Airports are shut down in northern Italy.
  • Borders are mostly shut.
  • Long-distance trains are limited.
  • Shared cash flow situation with the entire company so employees know where we really are in terms of salaries and how long we can last.

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