Stubborn and Arrogant — It wasn’t me!


The Trillion Dollar President told flagging Dems at their Party pow-wow yesterday in D.C. that, as the LA Times reports, “trimming goals and postponing hard choices are the wrong approach,” and that “he would press ahead with his healthcare proposal and other pieces of his ambitious agenda.”

President Obama blames lobbyists — apparently taking a page from the Luntz financial reform playbook — for his failure to launch.

It wasn’t me,” is what the Trillion Dollar President’s excuses sound like. He had a super majority in the U.S. Senate — until he and the other delusions who will not listen made the Dem base so angry they voted a Republican Senator in from Massachusetts. He did not include the GOP in health care reform, energy reform and financial reform — and he is asserting that his Dem-only approach did not have anything to do with his legislative failures.

In fact, his legislative failures are a result of his political failures. Obama is learning that governing is not like campaigning where you just stand there and speak and the crowds go wild. No. But he is being stubborn (I will not change course) and arrogant (I am right, you are wrong) and until he changes his attitude — train wrecks will be easier for the Dems to overcome than the incredibly damaging Obama Presidency. Especially on health care. But at least the snow in D.C. and the Superbowl provide a helpful distraction for the Dems — they need it.

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