Stand by for More Covid Brutality — XD, XE and XF which are Mixes of Omicron and Delta, Will Infect Millions of Americans

Given the incredibly infectious nature and abilities of Omicron and of Omicron subvariants BA.1 and BA.2, mixing BA.1 and BA.2 together to make the virus more contagious (done and its name is XF) can mean only one thing: it will be the dominant Covid variant sometime in April or early May.

Not only XF will be dominant, but likely XD, XE too — they will all be vaccine and natural immunity resistant, since they would have to be, to be the dominant variant globally.

In five or six weeks, in other words, expect millions of infections in the United States.

As I just said, the king of the hill — or in this case, the king dominant variant of Covid — could also be XD or XE, which take the Omicron spike (that makes it so infectious) and melt it onto a Delta body — these could move slower to become dominant, but ultimately make people sicker and more likely to die, or, make chronic long-term health problems from Covid a much more prevalent phenomenon — like diabetes.

So yes, expect the return of Maskie-mask-mask-face to a store or restaurant, or school near you, for one or all of these variants in their own time, as each takes their turn at being dominant: XD, XE and XF.

And, hopefully, the public to be finally and seriously asking the question, how can this virus mutate into so many variants that defeat both natural and vaccine immunity?

The answer is obvious, Covid-19 was man-made, in a lab and nature has been busy, busy, busy perfecting it and iterating on it to make it “better” and “stronger” and infect people faster.

See above for details, and the month of April and early May of 2022 for a more real-world experience.

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