So, it Turns Out the Hall Pass the DEMpire Gave to Bloomberg on Sexism and Racism has Expired

When the Daily Show’s piece on Bloomberg’s stop and frisk makes you cringe because of video and audio of Bloomberg himself talking, it’s not a good day at the Bloomberg campaign.

I’ve watched The Daily Show twice and it is even more brutal the second time.

Donna Brazile, who is as serious a political campaign veteran as the Democrats have, was visibly restraining herself from uncorking on Bloomberg — and she was mostly talking about the sexism charges against Bloomberg, not the racism charges.

Those sexism charges were revealed by the Post story titled “For Years Michael Bloomberg has battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments,” which quotes a complaint filed in court that seems so bizarre that it is not believable — that is, until you watch The Daily Show clips of Bloomberg twice, then, The Washington Post story is believable.

From The Washington Post:

On April 11, 1995 at approximately 11:20 a.m., Bloomberg was having a photograph taken with two female Company salespeople and a group of N.Y.U. Business School students, in the company snack area. When Bloomberg noticed Garrison standing nearby, he asked, “Why didn’t they ask you to be in the picture? I guess they saw your face.” Continuing his penchant for ridiculing recently married women in his employ, Bloomberg asked plaintiff, “How’s married life? You married?” Plaintiff responded that her marriage was great and was going to get better in a few months: that she was pregnant, and the baby was due the following September. He responded to her “Kill it!” Plaintiff asked Bloomberg to repeat himself, and again he said, “Kill it!” and muttered, “Great! Number 16!” suggesting to plaintiff his unhappiness that sixteen women in the Company had maternity-related status. Then he walked away.

And then there the famous booklet of sayings of Michael Bloomberg, compiled by a colleague as a 48th birthday present:

As Mike Bloomberg celebrated his 48th birthday in 1990, a top aide at the company he founded presented him with a booklet of profane, sexist quotes she attributed to him.

A good salesperson is like a man who tries to pick up women at a bar by saying, “Do you want to f—? He gets turned down a lot — but he gets f—– a lot, too!” Bloomberg was quoted in the booklet as saying. Bloomberg also allegedly said that his company’s financial information computers “will do everything, including give you [oral sex]. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business.”

The Washington Post put the booklet online and one of the first quotes by Bloomberg is about his business model:

“Make the customer think they are getting laid when they are getting fucked.”

Hours after the story broke in the Washington Post, the Bloomberg campaign leaked to the Drudge Report that they were seriously considering putting Hillary Clinton on his ticket as the Vice Presidential nominee, because of strong polling.

That story dominated the twitterverse and media for long enough to knock the Washington Post story off the top of the screen.

But it will be back.

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