Senator Lieberman Gives Dems Middle Finger on Public Option

Sen. Lieberman is setting steel rebar and hardened concrete around his threat to filibuster the public option.

From Politico:

“It’s classic politics of our time that if you look at the campaign last year, presidential, you can’t find a mention of public option,” Lieberman said. “It was added after the election as a part of what we normally consider health insurance reform — insurance market reforms, cover people, cover people who are not covered.”

“It suddenly becomes a litmus test. I thought Democrats were against litmus tests.”

It has hardened, and Senator Reid can’t breech it.

And you know what that means, right?  Lets all say it together, Senator Reid has to throw the public option left wingers like Senators Franken, Brown, and Rockefeller over the side, who are pounding their chest and the table about the absolute need for the public option.

These public-option-in-the-sky Senators will not like being tossed over the side.

The question is, as Senator Reid throws them overboard, will they plead for a fig-leaf public option deal?  Essentially, will they ask to only be thrown mostly overboard (for those Monty Python fans, it’s like being mostly dead) or will they grab Senator Reid and take him with him as they go, just over the principle of the public option, and because they don’t like being thrown overboard?

There is going to be pushing and shoving on the deck of the USS Public Option, and I’ll be reporting the splashes, as they happen.

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