Senator Cruz Makes an Excellent Point about Trump’s Coming Indictment and Arrest in NY

The reality is that the way-too-#@#!@####!!!#*%@-f’ing slow special prosecutor and I-think-I’ll-stare-into-outer-darkness District Attorney in Georgia, have not indicted Trump yet.

They have indicted exactly zero people regarding the classified documents fubar, Trump’s politically motivated IRS audits, the seditious bastard’s efforts to suborn the Constitution and disrupt the peaceful transition of power, his successful efforts to undermine faith in our elections, and other criminal and treacherous behavior.

But oh no, the Special Prosecutor and the Georgia District Attorney do the wait and wait and wait — and never-ending investigate — but no indictments.

So now, you have this bullshit charge in NY, with Senator Cruz making excellent points, all of which I agree with: — all because the Special Prosecutor or District Attorney in Georgia cannot understand a simple fact: justice delayed is justice denied.

And now, this chicken feed of an indictment in NY is the result of serious people thinking everything needs to be perfect to indict Trump, so the precedent will be set that the first indictment of a President is politically motivated because it is legal BS.

On the bright side, if the Seditious Bastard can’t get his base to protest this NY city’s legal railroading, then he is powerless.

And by all appearances, Trump’s supporters got the message: he betrayed them, didn’t care about them, and left them hung out to dry.

His base gets the joke about Trump; that Trump only cares about Trump.

For Trump, everything else, especially the country and his supporters, comes at the bottom of his agenda, and this is why there are no protests — even the Proud Boys are at F*** Trump.

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