Sen. Dodd (D-CT): Health Bill “is hanging by a thread, obviously”

RealClearPolitics has the key parts of Dodd’s statement in a video clip here and CBS News reports the Trillion Dollar President’s approval rating has hit a new low — 46%.

Senator Dodd (D-CT) gives his normally rambling comments, among them:

“If this is all about surviving politically, then we’re missing the whole purpose of what we’re supposed to be doing,”

which is ironic and easy for him to say because he just announced his retirement. Dodd was widely seen as one of the most unlikely to win re-election. He has visibly aged.

Rob at notes Sen. Dodd is really saying that what the public wants is irrelevant.

The CNBC print article about Dodd’s statement reports that Senators Lieberman and Lincoln are taking a close look at what changes are going to be made in the House — which may be whose “one or two votes” Senator Dodd is talking about.

Dodd also made reference to the Progressives being unhappy. Over at The Corner, Robert Costa reports a senior GOP staffer saying:

“They’re working over the progressive caucus, Big Labor, and other Lefty groups to convince them that a bad bill is better than no bill. They have no margin for error, so they’re doing everything they can to unite groups who dislike the bill.”

The Progressives, I have been predicting, will show some steel if they do not get what they want, and Costa’s post shows some behind-the-scenes-evidence of it.

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