Sen. Ben Nelson Predicts Two Outcomes for Obamacare

The Financial Times is reporting that President Obama is attempting quell a revolt within his Party on Obamacare.

Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that from Charlie Cook to Larry Sabato are predicting big gains for Republicans in the Congress? Could it be that these now vulnerable House and Senate members are angry that President Obama and the Democratic Leadership has so completely fumbled the health care ball that it is now an open possibility that nothing at all will happen.

Could the Dems, once again, suffer a huge loss of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, by merely attempting to take over the U.S. health care industry?

You bet. Sabato is predicting the Dems lose between 23 and 41 House seats.

And now, these are the two outcomes, as predicted by Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE):

“I see two endings,” Mr Nelson told the Journal Star newspaper on Thursday. “One is we find areas we can agree upon and begin to do things incrementally taking more of an insurance approach, not a government approach. The other is that it [the bill] implodes.”

As if to reinforce the implosion scenario, here is the next graph of the story:

Meanwhile, Jan Schakowsky, a leading progressive [House] Democratic lawmaker, said liberals were not prepared to climb down. “I will support nothing short of a robust public health insurance plan upon implementation – no triggers,” she said. “I believe Congress will pass and the president will sign such a bill.”

So the hard core single payer Dems are at HELL NO on an incremental approach.

And in the health care version of duck and cover, Sen. Lincoln reversed herself on the public option after spending a month back home. Roll Call reports:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), still facing the prospect of a tough re-election in 2010, has reversed her position on the public insurance option, saying Tuesday she will oppose the measure as a part of health care reform after previously expressing support for the policy, the Arkansas News reported.

Roll Call calls Senator “Lincoln’s vote on a health care reform bill could be key as the Senate Democratic leadership looks to build a coalition of 60 Senators to pass legislation without using reconciliation.”

And the use of reconciliation as a tactic is suffering the same fate of Obamacare — members of Congress simply would rather not walk the plank on the single issue that is essentially burning the Democratic House to the ground.

They would just rather not vote at all (read: implode). In fact, according to polls, the American public would rather Congress just not do any health care reform, and work on fixing the economy instead.

And should the Dems come knocking on the GOP door to help them save their plan?

There is an old saying, you did not want me with you on the take-off, and now that the plane is losing altitude and its engines are on fire, you are inviting me to help you fly it?

Uh-huh. It is much safer, and more fun, to watch, thank you very much.

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