Scientific Caution or More World Health Organization Chinese Sourced Disinformation?

When the World Health Organization announced there were no evidence antibodies conferred immunity, it was a bizarre and suspect announcement.

It had the immediate effect of fanning the flames of fear among the worried West — duly reported on by anxious reporters — and the “news” had the immediate effect of disrupting plans for immunity passports, immunity badges (virtual and physical) as well as delaying the reopening of many states.

It was so well-timed to have these effects, and there was so little scientific evidence to make such a statement, questioning the motives of the global organization tasked with dealing with pandemics to suddenly announce to the planet that all known science to all previous viruses no longer applies follows a long line of disinformation from the World Health Organization.

Needless to say, if antibodies did not confer immunity then why are we using convalescent plasma to treat patients?

Why did a recent study of monkeys find those with antibodies could not be reinfected?

And why is there a new study that states the obvious, those who were sick and now have antibodies are immune?

Now, with the news that the Swiss Public Health Agency believes the Wuhan virus may have arrived in Europe in November, the pattern of behavior of the World Health Organization distributing disinformation is becoming more and more clear to even casual observers.


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