Russia Invaded Ukraine, so Strikes on Russian Soil are Fair Play

It is a pretty simple concept; Russia needs to be told as of August 1st, Russian territory — inside its borders — that’s being used to stockpile supplies of fuel or ammunition or to marshall troops or to provide troops with rest and retrofit is fair game to be hit by Ukraine planes, saboteurs, rockets and artillery.

Why should the criminal who invaded be allowed sanctuary inside their border?

Russia repeatedly threatens its other neighbors with invasion, and until Russia realizes that it is not safe behind their border that they mock themselves by insisting they can take Ukraine territory, Russia will feel emboldened to use its homeland as a jumping-off point for military operations against its neighbors.

This safe zone for Russian forces infers an air of legitimacy on Russian military operations when Western nations refuse to strike targets in Russia that are critical to its war effort.

Why should the West insist that Ukraine fight with one hand tied behind its back, when Russia is using the border as some magical safe zone, so they can go to rest, retrofit, and to attack from inside their borders, again?

Russians understand when the West uses strength and does not give Russia advantages in combat that Russians use against the Ukraine and laugh about inside their borders.

Should the Ukrainians begin to strike targets inside Russia, it will radically increase the already high costs the Russians are paying for their invasion.

It is a form of deterrence to attack Russian targets inside their borders.

The rough rule of thumb should be this: if Russia launches rockets, bomber raids, or other long-range munitions 400 km inside Ukraine, then Russian targets 400 km inside the Russian border are fair game.

To give the Russians immunity from attack inside their own border does not deter the Russians, it encourages them and facilitates more attacks against Ukraine.

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