Reporter Steve Davis Discovers Why the ObamaCare Death Spiral will Continue

As we all know, when the Obama Administration gets into political deep waters on ObamaCare, they lie.

In fact, you can say ObamaCare was built on this triumvirate of lies: 1) you can keep your doctor; 2) families will save $2,500 and 3) buying insurance will be easier with more choices, are just the tip of the iceberg.

In order to confuse their own supporters who have doubts setting in, and to attempt to disorient their opponents, the administration has been loudly proclaiming that 85% of those in the exchanges get a subsidy.

This is important, the White House says, because this protects ObamaCare from adverse selection and a death spiral by limiting the impact of the recent premium increases ObamaCare has been hit with in state after state.

But it is a lie that 85% of those insured under ObamaCare plans get the subsidy.

Reporter Steve Davis of AIS Health did a survey of all the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans offering ObamaCare plans inside and outside the exchanges. It turns out that about half (52%) of those insured under ObamaCare get the subsidy, meaning the other half will be subject to the ObamaCare price increase.

This means the death spiral will accelerate.

Among those with no subsidy only the sickest will hang on to their health insurance in the face of massive price increases, and the healthiest of the ObamaCare insured will drop out, making the pool of ObamaCare insureds even sicker.

This is yet another reason the insurance professional who writes under the pseudonym “Richard Mayhew” warns against conflating risk scores with a sicker Obamacare population in the study by the American Academy of Actuaries that said the ObamaCare insured population is sicker than other insured populations. “Mayhew” either believes his own propaganda or is lying, since there is no possible way this fact was not known by him or HHS. It is hard to tell which, but I think he is lying to create propaganda so Dem health care policy lemmings will follow.

This is yet another lie by the Democrats about ObamaCare because the ObamaCare reality is too difficult to deal with when they tell the truth, especially less than 60 days before a Presidential election.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if ObamaCare’s spectacular failure was responsible for Trump winning and the GOP keeping the Senate?

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