Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene Call for a National Divorce is an Admission of Defeat

There are so many things wrong with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s call for a national divorce along political lines — where Red states divorce themselves from the United States, and leave the union.

First and foremost, her statement is really an admission of defeat for her brand of Republicanism.

She believes the longer the union stays together, the less power, influence, and control over the course of events or the sweep of history she and her ilk will have, if you will.

And she is correct.

Since Elvis was banned for shaking his hips on national television, the right has lost every major culture war battle fought in the United States.

And they rail against many, many new realities.

The one great exception to the culture war defeats is the pro-life victory in the United States Supreme Court, but in the main, on the social front, Republicans have been losing for decades.  It may or may not contribute to the recent ongoing political weakness of the GOP in the mid-term elections, time will tell.

On economic policy, low taxes, low spending, and low deficits are a distant memory in the Republican Party.    President Trump’s spending ended that notion, permanently — and all the calls for limited and shrinking government by MTG and others — given that they keep saying it and it never, ever happens, make it an increasingly discredited and unbelievably absurd notion, that Republicans are serious about limited spending.

Rep. Greene calling for limited government, which means really means limited spending, is like the GOP saying they would repeal and replace ObamaCare.  The GOP did not.  They talked about it for three election cycles and then failed.  The public was not with them, and it sapped their will, and they hesitated and lost their window of opportunity, which was shrinking every day the GOP delayed.

This is what happens when it comes to national spending.  The GOP, in the end, does not have the will to carry it out, and they are now looking like it’s another ObamaCare rallying cry to nowhere.

On foreign policy, the vast majority of the GOP back Ukraine in their fight for their country, invaded by Russia, and their people carted off to camps in Russia, all while Russia has committed crimes against humanity over-and-over-again.

But Rep. Greene wants to impeach President Biden for defending Ukraine — claiming we can’t spend any money in Ukraine because of the national debt.

As the Rep. Greene wing of the Republican party loses its influence and grip on the Republican Party and sees the nation moving steadily away from their views, extremist and irrational views have come to the fore, Jewish Space Lasers and our country should break up, which is a long time goal of the Russian intelligence services, who finance such efforts in the United States whenever possible.

And here is Rep. Greene, carrying the Russian intelligence services water, like she is Gunga Din.

But to her, the end of any idea that she is an American is over.

She wants to divorce from America, as she put it, “We need a national divorce. We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government.”

“Everyone I talk to says this,” Greene said.

I see.

Mostly, Rep. Greene is alienated from America and wants to remake it and stop losing the culture war — but the GOP has been losing for decades, and calling for secession is simply an admission of defeat, it’s a clarion cry:  We have lost.  We can’t win.  I want to stop playing.

It’s like she woke up and realized the GOP had lost virtually every culture war.

Now, her “solution” is to take all the people who are on the losing side of the culture war and put them in one place, one state.

Apparently, this collection of people who’ve lost the culture war will suddenly be winners — the great culture of the GOP will rule.

This is where the road of alienation from America and the dismissing out-of-hand of the culture and values that have won the day in America has brought Rep. Greene:  Now, she wants out.

The patriotism of these Republicans has curdled into hate for the direction of our country.

I would advise other Republicans who do not stand with Green to speak up, otherwise, the public may associate the GOP, the House Leadership, or all the other GOP Members of Congress, with her views.


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