Regarding the Latest Covid Variants, BA.5, BA.5.1, BA.5.3.1 and BA.2.75 — Covid Doesn’t Give Two F***s that You and I are Tired of It

Covid does not care that you and I are tired of the latest variant, in this case, BA.2.75, aka ‘Centaurus.’

The waves will keep coming because Covid began with a man-made evolutionary advantage, made in a lab.

And the variant that really is concerning me is not the sons of Omicron — like BA.5, BA.5.1, BA.5.3.1, and BA.2.75 — although they will likely be responsible for a very long 5th wave of Covid illness.

The variant that concerns me is the one that will inevitably come out of North Korea, where there are no vaccinations, and the immune evading Omicron in all its known and likely new variants that are no doubt having a field day — and will likely produce the worst variant the world has seen yet.

For all those people worried about Covid variants being created by a population of millions of non-vaccinated, the place to be most worried about is North Korea.

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