RCP: Pelosi Took Biden Out — the main question “is whether it was deliberate or accidental”?

The RealClear Politics article by Phillip Wegmann quoted below uses the same “friendly-fire” description used in my February 7th blog titled: “After Pelosi’s Impeachment Took Out Biden, Senator Klobuchar’s Rise will Continue

From the White House vantage point, what made this all so delicious was that Democrats did this to their own guy: Biden was felled by friendly fire. The main question in Republicans’ minds is whether it was deliberate or accidental.  “It was out of Trump’s control,” a former campaign aide familiar with the president’s thinking told RCP. “Pelosi made the conscious decision to end Biden’s campaign when she filed those articles of impeachment. She knew what she was doing.”

Others aren’t so sure. “I think the story is less whether or not Trump got what he wanted and instead how foolish the Democrats were,” a former senior White House official told RCP. Republican voters  are already inured to allegations of corruption made against the president, the source continued, and Democrats have already made up their minds. By impeaching the president over Ukraine, they didn’t change that calculus either way. But they necessarily turned up the volume on allegations against the former vice president.

“Another way to look at this,” the official said, “is that [Adam] Schiff was aiming at Trump but shot Biden’s campaign instead.” House Democrats must be asking themselves, the source speculated with obvious glee, “My god! Why didn’t we stop ourselves?”


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