Q: Why Hasn’t China Ended the Quarantine it Imposed Jan. 23rd? A: It can’t, people are still being infected

If the Wuhan virus has an incubation period of 14 days, with an average of five days until symptoms show, but potentially as long as 21 days, then given that the Chinese government quarantine was imposed on January 23rd — 39 days ago — why hasn’t the Chinese government ended their quarantine?

The answer is simple: they can’t.

They are afraid to end it.

If they end the quarantine, they think they will have more Wuhan virus infections.

That means the virus is not tamed, not even close.

The end of the quarantine, and the number of infected Chinese for 21 days after the end of the quarantine, whenever it is ended, will tell the tale of how under control the Wuhan virus really is in China.

You can bet on one thing, as long as the January 23rd imposed quarantine stays in place, it means the virus is not under control, not at all under control.

And opening one plan here or there is not the same as ending the January 23rd quarantine.  Not at all the same.


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