Putin the Incompetent: How to Lose Russia’s Natural Gas Customers and Never get Them Back

Germany, the main buyer of Russian natural gas, has set about a nation-state level pivot to make itself permanently independent of Russian natural gas.

Germany’s chancellor has seized Russian refineries, has rented key, specialist vessels, “known as an FSRU, which can stock the fuel and turn LNG back into a ready-to-use gas, is also hooked up to the platform to complete the installation,” all the while building a port to park the three FSRU ships, which, once up and running this winter will have the capacity to supply 20% of Germany’s natural gas needs.

Meanwhile, Africa is being looked at as a possible new supplier for other countries in Europe and has had a new interest in developing known natural gas deposits.

In short, the entire European continent is racing to make itself independent of Moscow gas — so when Putin (or whoever is in charge in Moscow) finally fixes the Norde pipeline they blew up, they will have fewer customers who will buy less natural gas, since the Europeans have had the lesson about never being dependent on Russian gas burned into their minds, and will never, ever be reliant on an irrational, erratic and criminal country like Russia again, that produces a leader like Putin the incompetent, who destroys his country’s main hard currency export in less than a year.

Where is the Russian toughness when Putin, the incompetent, clearly needs to be shot, before he hands his country to China on a silver platter and has impoverished it by crashing Russia’s most valuable export and as commander-in-chief has and is destroying the Russian military, literally, piece-by-piece?

Isn’t a bullet cheaper than the cost of the wasted Russian lives, war material, and loss of customers for Russian natural gas?


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