Public Policy Polling: Independents Oppose Health Bill by a 2:1 ratio



Public Policy Polling – Key Findings:

·         51% oppose current reform proposals vs. 44% supporting

o   In November it was 49% opposed vs. 48% supporting

·         53% think their own health care will cost them more under current proposal

·         55% think the country’s health care system’s overall costs will be more

·         45% think current reform proposals will weaken Medicare vs. 22% who think the reform proposals will strengthen

·         25% support bill that passed the House vs. 59% opposing the House bill

o   Independents oppose the House bill 2:1 (55% oppose vs. 27% support)

o   All age groups are opposed including those 65+ by 3:1 (58% oppose vs. 19% support)

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