President Biden is Correct — this Election, the midterms, are about Stopping ‘Dark Forces’

The mid-term elections will test the proposition that the attack on the Capitol and Vice President Pence on January 6th and the behavior of The Seditious Bastard violating the Espionage Act, since January 6th; as well as the recent attack on Paul Pelosi by a QAnon and election denier adherent  — that these events and actions will have zero impact on the results of the mid-term election.

In the midst of this sickening attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband — an attack meant for her — all while threats against members of Congress have exploded 100 times, I mourn for our country.

These are the signs and symptoms I’ve watched in foreign nations — nations prone to unrest, where the population does not have the advantages every part of the United States population has access to — and I am genuinely concerned.

I am concerned that there are many in the GOP who do not understand the destruction they are bringing to our country and to our political process, all because they cannot compromise and feel like they are losing power, both economic and political.

So they’d rather burn it all down.

The re-tweet by Donald Jr Trump of the underwear and the hammer is the equivalent of Steven Miller lying about Antifa on the day of January 6th and feeding it to the press.  It really is sickening — and it is not a joke, a defense that is becoming thread-bare to those in the Republican party who can see the Bananaization of the Republic as the thugs and the punks and the crazies are elevatedThe Seditious Bastard now wants to impeach Senator McConnell — how can it not be clear that more and more Republicans are going to vote against this sort of politics?

There are 300 Republican candidates who believe the 2020 election was stolen, despite the fact that it is the most litigated and has the most court cases surrounding the election than any other election in the history of the United States.  And every case was lost by Trump — 62 of them — save one, which was on Court procedure, not the merits of the claims about the election brought in court.

But, despite this, the popular press has all but bestowed the House and Senate on the GOP, over the last two or three weeks of media coverage.

The cognoscenti of the Republican party expects to control the Senate and pick up as many as 35 seats in the House, and so does the media.

This is a real and repeated assessment now that is dominant inside the Republican party, the one below, which is from the front page of the November 2, 2022 front page of RealClearPolitics:

RCP and the media simply dismiss the events of 1/6, the attack on Speaker Pelosi’s husband, who is still in ICU after surgery, and The Seditious Bastard’s demand to be installed immediately as President as having zero impact on the election results — still, today, at the highest levels of the Republican party, they expect to gain 30+ House seats.

Such a win by the GOP will embolden and politically strengthen the political forces that have caused the massive political instability and doubts about our country, and about our election process — that has pandered to the most mentally vulnerable to internalizing statements by The Seditious Bastard like he should be “installed” as President “immediately” and that the election was stolen — all while he privately admits he lost it.  Then there is his claim that he can declassify documents by thinking about it.

For a number of reasons, including how crazy some GOP voters have become, forcing other GOP voters to vote for sanity, and because of the increased voter turnout caused by the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court and concern over Social Security and Medicare, and Trumpets who will not vote for non-Trump Republicans and the Trumpers who will not vote for non-Trumpers — this version of events, this timeline, this projection of the victory of the worst of the worst, will not come true.

The Senate will not be controlled by the Republicans, and the House will remain — although not by much — in the hands of the Dems.

Expect it to take ten days to two weeks to get sorted.

This will cause those trafficking and earning money off of promoting political instability to cry havoc and fraud — and given the reforms at the state level since the last election, any such allegations will be acted upon expeditiously and quickly run to ground, and the truth of them — or not, will be determined.

It is simply not the case that the unprecedented and ugly and negative things that have flowed from The Seditious Bastard’s family, like a river of darkness, will not adversely impact the Republican party in these coming midterms.

But ignore the calls of fraud and for civil war — as the truth of where the public is dawns of the forces of rage and chaos and ruin and destruction of the Republic blow themselves out over the great consensus of the majority of the American people, which can, post=election, be boiled down to, we are not with The Seditious Bastard and his clan of candidates.

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