Perrin’s Dem Primary Rule: The Greater the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Infection, the Greater the Likelihood Senator Bernie Sanders Wins

The degree to which Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) infects Dem primary voters is a function of several variables, among them, but not limited to, are:

MSM TDS Infection Levels. The TDS infection rate with the MSM (or what used to be MSM) that Dem Primary voters listen to and watch has a direct bearing on the likelihood of Senator Sanders winning. Diagnosis: MSM TDS Infection Rate is High, Chronic and Highly Contagious (spread through the air and direct contact.)

Head Exploding Frequency. Chronic TDS infection levels are accompanied by obsessive-compulsive behavior, daily bursts of extreme moral outrage, with large doses of moral superiority and judgmentalism. Red-state hate is another noticeable symptom. Diagnosis: Epidemic level head exploding often accompanied by saturation coverage by MSM. Those with chronic head-exploding symptoms have the highest TDS infection levels measured.

Dem Primary Voter TDS Infection Levels. This varies by individual but is directly related to the degree of frequency of exposure to chronically infected TDS media and High-Frequency Head Exploding Individuals (HFHEI). Diagnosis: Hard-core chronic HFHEI may make up the core of Bernie’s support, and cannot be moved off that support, under any circumstances.

Trump Provocations. President Trump’s repeated, expert and highly effective provocations of both HFHEI voters and HFHEI MSM — repeatedly and purposefully cause multiple head-explosion detonations. These purposefully caused head-explosion detonations cause said individuals to lose perspective, and say and do things that alienate them, and their views, from those without TDS — i.e. mid-western voters and swing state voters. Diagnosis: A self-reinforcing cycle ‘triggered’ by President Trump keeps opponents emotionally compromised and lacking rationale assessment which causes compromised and impaired political capabilities and judgment.

Trump Successes. TDS expressions are triggered by what non-TDS voters consider good news: high economic growth, low unemployment. Diagnosis: A growing and vibrant economy with on-going low unemployment numbers for African-Americans and Hispanics will act as a low-level itching powder for those with TDS, increasing in ‘itchiness’ as election day nears and as the economy continues to perform well. Any agreement with North Korea will have a like effect. Diagnosis: Extreme cases of TDS will become more prevalent and pronounced as the economy continues to do well. High growth and low unemployment are indicators of Sanders winning the Dem Primary.

The Perrin Dem Primary Rule for 2020 is simple: The higher the TDS infection rate (influenced by some of the variables listed above) the greater the likelihood Senator Bernie Sanders is the nominee.

Assessment of TDS infection rate among Dem Primary Voters: High. Chronic and Highly Contagious.

Assessment of TDS infection rate among the MSM: High. Chronic and Highly Contagious.

Chances that on-going Trump Economic and Global Stage Successes Increases the Baseline TDS Infection Levels: High.

Likelihood of Bernie Sanders Winning the Dem Nomination: High.

Likelihood of former Vice President Biden being Crushed by High TDS Infecteds: High.

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