Pathetic Defined

If you want the definition of pathetic, look at Rep. Pomeroy .  He attacks the Speaker in a caucus meeting prior to the House floor vote saying she is killing the Dems politically with her health reform crusade, then, days later gives an apology to the caucus and says he is voting for the bill — just like in the confessions in the Chinese and Russian Communist show trials.  Then, Pomeroy votes for the bill on the House floor, despite the fact that he voted against it in Committee.

Now Washington is rife with his emotional statement in a Ways and Means Committee saying if health care keeps dragging on, he might as well retire.

If he had courage, he would have voted no.  But he voted yes, and he wonders why his political pain continues.

He could have been a leader.  He could of stopped health care, he could have made sanity rein.    But he was scared to vote no, so he WHINES — instead of acting on what his constituents want and instead of acting in his own interest.

Pomeroy knew what to do, but he did not do it.  Oh well.  Bye-bye.

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