Passive Aggressive Behavior All Around Us

The lack of enthusiasm, drive and willingness to do anything more on ObamaCare is the result of political malpractice on the part of the White House, the Speaker and Senator Reid.

For all their deal making and arm twisting, the public, the interest groups, the staff and Members of Congress are displaying passive-aggressive behavior towards health care reform.

It’s everywhere, but no one sees it. Especially the aforementioned delusionals who refuse to face reality — which is that everyone would rather do nothing at all.

The political liabilities and the policy liabilities for Democratic interest groups are devastating. For example, unions get their health plans taxes and abortion gets restricted, and there is no public option or Medicare buy-in for the progressives — not to mention the fact the public HATES ObamaCare.

Everyone knows the opponents are at NYET. So while the entire world inside the beltway responds with heel-digging-in and blown deadlines, endless and circular “strategy” sessions on ObamaCare, the delusionals see an opportunity to keep bringing it up, feeding the fires of the passive-aggressive behavior all around them.

Who brings up the most hated policy and the single, one thing most responsible for their political losses — in a Superbowl pre-game show? Delusionals, thats who.

Obviously, they don’t get it. They will never get it. They will not stop wrapping themselves in the 30 million uninsured flag, and will be buried with it. Muffled words float upwards, urging their allies they have knifed in the back to reconsider as the last shovel of dirt is patted down, and the rolled strips of grass are placed over the grave site.

And now that the media, who did more to elect the Trillion Dollar President than any other institution, can see (?) the irrational and delusional behavior of the One — they too sit silently, not being able to say or do anything.

It is in their interest to be pounding the President until he stops, because every cycle of his chest-beating on health care ends with the One being worse off than he was before, and with the Dems — the media’s pals and fellow travelers — taking another round to their chest.

The destructive cycle of lower poll numbers — now lower than ever — worse election prospects and tanking trust in the Democratic Party on all issues comes from the media’s inability to tell the Trillion Dollar President to shut up about health care.

And the benefits accrue to the GOP and those who have been at NYET from the beginning — all because the media will not stop the delusionals from destroying their pals, their party and their precious moral authority on health care.  (The longer this goes on, the stronger opponents become.)

Really, it is very funny when you think about it. The One is destroying everything the media thinks is right and good in the world, and they will not make him shut up because he is the One (or was.)

The media, too, are in the passive-aggressive mode and don’t even know it.  What they should be doing is taking the health care keys away from the driver.  He keeps crashing.

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