Our Warrior President’s First 100 Days

President Trump’s greatest victory in his first 100 days is his victory in his unrelenting war against the elitist, biased, left-wing-agenda-driven national media.

His victorious election, despite their equivalent of tens of billions of dollars of attack stories against Trump leading up to the election, was amazing, truly.

Simply put, the national media has tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to destroy President Trump, before and after the election.

Every other politician would have been effectively vaporized into non-existence by a mere patina of the relentless barrages of falsehoods and twisted and never-ending negativity Trump has faced, absorbed and turned to his advantage.

Our warrior President has not been bowed. He has not been tempered or tamed.

He has trumped their insularity, incompetence and incapacity to be fair and honest.

There has been a high price for the media to pay in credibility while they have been on the road to evolving into the rabid attack dogs, who regularly show little rationality in their constant, hysterical reactions to Trump’s mere existence and being in the White House.

As is now obvious, the media has violated their trust with the American public, God and everyone.

As a result, the media have earned the permanent and complete mistrust of a huge majority of the American public.

It is hilarious that less than three out of ten Americans trust the political media – truly high comedy on a universal scale.

The hilarity factor is even higher, given how seriously the national media take themselves. They drone on in their moral tones, while being both patronizing and self-aggrandizing – and simultaneously achieving these characteristics takes years of practice.

It is not difficult for everyone except the media to see how the media arrived at the spot they are now in the polls.

What is surprising to the media and the national political elite is that President Trump is winning the war against the national media and their contempt, arrogance and bias.

The President’s general ability to make the media elites’ heads explode is a national treasure.

Among his most effective attacks on them was when the President said there was voting fraud in Democratic bastions.

The media’s psychic meltdown was an event of great beauty and one to behold in wonder and its historic significance.

There is simply no other politician or person on the planet who has the courage to regularly attack and troll the national media.

And Trump, a single man, regularly wins against the super-swarm of the non-stop “nattering nabobs of negativism.”

Fighting the media every day, every hour and every minute has not tired out President Trump.

Our warrior President goes to bed fighting, wakes up fighting, and fights all day.

More Americans believe the White House than believe the national political media, and that trust gap will grow over time
— the entire reason the trust gap exists in the first place is because of President Trump.

The single greatest accomplishment of his 100 days is the total lack of trust by the American people of the national media.

This is a singular and great accomplishment, one that you can bet will never, ever be reported by the national media. And that is a strategic advantage for President Trump. The media’s refusal to confront the consequences of their behavior means they will keep doing the same thing, and President Trump will keep winning.

The public trust gap of the media means that their hysterical crying wolf has become only background noise the public regularly ignores, like trains or the usual sounds of the city that simply no longer register to those who live near them.

Their breathless “news” of the latest outrage simply no longer has a noticeable political effect.

Trump has injected a supra-immunity, a potent and total vaccine into the American public against their electronic weaponized virus of digital sabotage and corrosion of all things Trump.

It is completely unprecedented.

The media are so completely not-self-aware that cannot recognize how far they have fallen.

And apparently, the very few who do recognize the problem cannot do anything about it.

Very literally, the media cannot help themselves.

The more hysterical they become, the more the Trump anti-howling-media vaccine President Trump has conjured up becomes stronger.

As President Trump’s poll numbers grow, unless the media truly begin to change, they will continue to lose influence and trust with the American public.

After all, how can anyone be influenced by someone they do not trust?

Their news stories and narratives are merely increasing the resistance to themselves, their messages and their tactics within the body politic.

Dan Perrin is a Republican political strategist.

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