Once Again, I Rise in Defense of AOC

She is Holding a Mirror Up to the Dems on the Use of the Term Racist, and it’s Making Them Angry — they Don’t Like It

In my mind, there is not much difference between what Senator Harris said to Vice President Biden, and what AOC said to Speaker Pelosi when AOC used veiled words to call the Speaker a racist. It was likely out of frustration because of the attempted lock-down the Speaker’s trying to impose on the AOC-led “Squad.” AOC attributed Pelosi’s motives to the color of the Squad’s skin.

Oh, that.

It backfired, clearly.

At least in the corridors of the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. There are those who are, in fact, absolutely convinced Speaker Pelosi and her generation are racists. Either that or the women of color brandishing the charge of racism will find it much less potent.

And for Joe Biden, being called a racist, by a fellow Dem Senator was a new experience. You could tell from the look on his face.

Speaker Pelosi, similarly, doesn’t like being called a racist.

Well, at least now the Democrats know how Republicans feel.

Every Republican candidate for President or State-wide office, is, as a natural course of politics, called a racist.

As I said after Senator Harris called Vice President Biden a racist, when Harris played the race card, for a whole host of reasons, she devalued it.

Similarly, AOC simultaneously devalued the race card and, to boot, has pretty much enraged the Democratic House Leadership and allies of Speaker Pelosi.

It turns out, no one likes being called a racist.

As I said before, when everyone is a racist, no one is.

Now, the progressive wing has turned it on their fellow Dems. First Harris on Biden, now AOC on Pelosi.

The silent generation is under attack by the younger generation.

Just how angry are the Dem leadership? They are pissed.

Here are some of the anonymous quotes (from FOX News) about AOC by Dem staff in the U.S. House:

“Her peers do not take her seriously.”  

“They think it is absurd to call the speaker racist. Offensive and absurd.”

“She is a complete fraud.”

“She is a nobody. She is a freshman member of Congress with no power. She is not worth the speaker’s brainpower.”

Dem staff accuse her of starting “needless distractions from serious issues,” and — wait for it — “glamour.” (Oh no, not that.)

But the Dems, in their constant state of seeking ‘wokeness,’ have no one but themselves to blame.

They unleashed the equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition and the guillotine at the Bastille, the symbol of the Reign of Terror — by their indiscriminate use of the term racist.

So how can I defend AOC for calling Pelosi a racist and she is clearly not?

Well, this is a teachable moment for AOC.

Just like it was for the American voters when Harris played the race card.

The difference between Harris and AOC is that AOC has completely changed the world. She has moved the Democratic party. She has imposed her vision on the party, on the mainstream media and on Washington, D.C.

This is one of the biggest reasons that the Democrats are so angry.

AOC has the microphone and she will not stop using it, ever.

Nor should she.

She will make mistakes. She will make enemies. She will feel alone.

She will be alone sometimes.

But the reality is that this is part of the process that AOC must go through.

To toughen her. To temper her. To steel her. To teach her the hard way.

This moment is, no doubt, one of them.

Everyone is learning from AOC. We all are learning because of her clarity of vision and genius at communicating. It is impossible not to listen to AOC.

There are many who don’t like that. They resent it. They resent AOC.

She will make mistakes. She is under tremendous pressure and her fellow Dems are putting her under most of that pressure.

But watch out.

AOC will master that pressure.

She will pivot, duck, and sidestep.

You can sense her trying different tactics, communicating different messages.

Some don’t work.

Some backfire, like calling Pelosi a racist.

As AOC absorbs attacks and learns from them, she will not become more ostracized or less effective or alone.

The reality is that the Silent Generation and the Boomers are having a very difficult time dealing with AOC, and the power and clarity of her voice.

They don’t get it. Really. They simply don’t understand.

The millennials get it. The other, younger generations get it, they get AOC.

And when the full impact of the decisions of the Silent Generation the Boomers fall upon the younger generations to clean up, AOC’s time will really arrive.

This, this is just a warm-up act.

AOC’s training by fire is now underway.

Don’t get me wrong, I still fundamentally disagree with AOC on many, many things — like calling Pelosi a racist or her “concentration camp” announcement.

But, we are a strong enough country to survive those comments and accusations. These things she says that I disagree with, and find objectionable, might even help us do better.

But I cannot understand why the senior members of the Washington cognoscenti of the Democratic party don’t see the long-term, strategic victory that AOC has already won. And why they are so angry and dismissive of her.

AOC’s reach, influence, and power will grow. There will be periods, like now where she makes mistakes.

So what? Who doesn’t make mistakes?

But she will not give up. She will not back down. And she will not be sidelined or distracted.

She is a very, very strong woman.

And frankly, I find that incredibly honorable and admirable.

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