Observations and Predictions Regarding the Trump Indictments

In general, if you threaten the peaceful transfer of power by attempting to change the outcome of a Presidential election, those involved should expect the full legal force of the United States government (including some States) will land on you and your colleagues — expect the government to have no sense of humor about such acts.

As we now have seen, the U.S. government will prosecute those to the fullest extent of the law, regardless of whether you are a candidate for the Presidency.

Once the full extent of the Georgia case is clear to former President Trump, I expect he will do what he does best, which is focus on Donald J. Trump.

At the point he realizes all that he has wrought and brought on himself because his pride would not allow him to admit he lost the election, the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal will attempt to make a deal to save himself, to the extent he can, when he finally makes that decision.

This means he will throw everyone under the bus to save himself.

It is simply beyond belief that Trump does not do everything he can to not end up in prison, regardless that it appears it is now much too late — he will try, sooner or later, he will try.

My guess is that for the prosecutors, once Trump starts negotiating (since he will have waited so long to cut a deal), Trump will have to give up people who have not yet been indicted, likely several high-value prosecutorial targets that Georgia or the Federal government could or would not indict or convict without Trump’s personal testimony.

This means, in all likelihood, members of the wealthy elite, U.S. Senators, or U.S. House members, particularly any in Leadership.

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