Obama the Divisive, Misleading and Arrogant

It’s not just Obama’s arrogance, it his patronizing tones, nose-in-the-air tones.

The Fake One is divisive because his arrogance prevents him from seeing another’s point of view.

He is right, everyone else is wrong.

Therefore, by his hand 57 coal fired electricity plants have closed or will close. Electricity prices in parts of that key swing state of Ohio will triple in a year and half, and will double next year.

Obama does not care, he lectures.

The country revolted to attempt to stop the passage of ObamaCare, and Obama did it anyway — he does not care if you disagree.

During the worst debt crisis in our history, Obama has spent more money that the sum of every President before him — even Bush.

Yes, Obama is divisive.

He attacks the wealthy and the self-made by mocking their achievements all while he holds up as saints the government employee — where he spent most of his fail stimulus, on government workers.

Obama is divisive.

Obama is arrogant.

Obama is misleading, remember “you can keep your health plan if you like it?”

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