Obama Keeps Using Mitt Romney as his Excuse for ObamaCare

From the liberal Politico:

Then there’s Ohio. Democratic officials told POLITICO that Obama’s relentless push to pass health care reform alienated independents, the critical swing voters in a quintessential swing state, and anything that reminds voters of the issue is bad news for the president.

That fact was hammered home last week when an otherwise banner night for Democrats — the state’s anti-collective bargaining law was rolled back by an overwhelming vote — was blighted by the 2-to-1 passage of a referendum calling for the end of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

“Obamacare will be a huge issue next year,” said Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski.

“We were always planning on it being a big issue, and last week the Ohio ballot initiative showed it was something that really resonated with voters. [The Supreme Court decision to hear the case] guarantees that it’s going to be out there a little on the early side but right in the heat of the election.”

Obama’s campaign has a simple three-word retort to all of these claims: Willard Mitt Romney.

This is the number one reason why Republicans should not choose Romney as the nominee — it gives Obama a constant retort to taint Republicans with the ObamaCare brush.

But the above quote does not adequately give the proper impression of the Politico article or the Dems views — Politico and the Dems go on and on about how there is nothing to worry about politically for Obama with the Supreme Court decision looming prior to the election.

Despite Politico’s title citing the Supreme Court’s consideration of ObamaCare as risky, Politico spends most of the first part of the article explaining why the WH disagrees, and essentially are at, What, us worry? Why should we worry — Mitt Romney backs the key part of ObamaCare, the mandate.

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