Obama Decrees he Will Not Sign Any Spending Bill that Does Not Include Replacing Sequester Funding — Meaning He is Threatening a Government Shutdown

From the Speaker of the House:

The New York Times reports the president plans to use his remarks to “set his terms” for upcoming debates over the federal budget. This translates to the president previewing what he may demand in exchange for his signature on bills to keep open the government, which will run out of funding in October. At issue is whether the president will again threaten a government shutdown unless Congress provides him higher taxes on small businesses to replace the deficit reduction produced by the automatic spending cuts – sequestration – that are currently in place.

You see, last month, through a series of Statements of Administration Policy, the president announced that he would not sign ANY spending bills this year unless sequestration spending cuts are eliminated – and replaced with his plan for higher, job-destroying taxes. The result of refusing to sign into law any spending bills, of course, would mean an unavoidable government shutdown. This was a stunning announcement for a president who has decried manufactured crises in Washington.”

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