NYT: Unions to Pound House with Don’t-Tax-Our-Health-Plan Calls & Emails

From the New York Times story titled, “Unions Rally to Oppose a Tax on Health Insurance:”

“In recent days, labor’s strategy has become clear. Unions are urging their members to flood their representatives with e-mail messages and phone calls in the hope that the House will stand fast and reject the tax. The A.F.L.-C.I.O., a federation of nine million union members, has declared next Wednesday “National Call-In Day” asking workers to call their lawmakers to urge them not to tax health benefits. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is urging members to tell their representatives that “such a tax is simply a massive middle-class tax hike that this nation’s working families should not be forced to endure.”

“Many Democrats fear that enacting the tax will hurt their re-election chances.

“This would really have a negative impact on the Democratic base,” said Representative Joe Courtney, Democrat of Connecticut, who has enlisted 190 House Democrats to sign a letter opposing the tax. “As far as the message goes, it’s a real toughie to defend.”

The party of tax-and-spend is going to spend another $2.5 trillion on their health care reform plan, and tax health insurance benefits to pay for it — sounds like pure political brilliance at work again.

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