Now, Dems Skeptical of Health Care Summit with GOP

The Trillion Dollar President’s $2.5 Trillion ObamaCare continues to unspool (from AP):

“First he called congressional Democrats’ yearlong march toward health care overhaul an ugly process. Now President Barack Obama wants to talk directly with Republicans, the very people his Capitol Hill allies call obstinate and uncooperative.

It’s no wonder Democratic lawmakers are less than enthusiastic about Obama’s overture to the GOP.

The president has blamed special deals cut on Capitol Hill for the public’s skepticism about health care legislation, distancing himself from what he’s called “this Congress,” even though his White House was closely involved in the process. For their part, some congressional Democrats clamored for stronger leadership from Obama after an upset loss in a special election last month denied Democrats their filibuster-proof Senate majority, plunging the health overhaul into disarray.

But with the legislation languishing, the bipartisan health care summit Obama has set for later this month almost has to break the logjam, even if neither Democrats nor Republicans are particularly excited about it. Either the two parties come together against all odds or the event demonstrates that no bipartisan outcome is possible, spurring Democrats to act alone. Or, the summit is a bust and the entire health care overhaul falls apart.

“I think this is sort of his last-ditch effort” at a bipartisan deal, said Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee.

Clearly this is supposed to create the atmospheric conditions for the Trillion Dollar President to say — we tried to work with the Republicans — and so now we are going to take the reconciliation approach.

The forces that have brought ObamaCare to its current state, will defeat the Dems in detail.  I really cannot wait for the delusionals to walk off the cliff again.

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