No Wonder Only One Third of Seniors Support Obama’s Health Reform Plan

Senator Roberts offered an amendment in the U.S. Senate HELP Committee to protect Medicare from cuts to fund the Kennedy-Dodd health care reform bill.

Here is the Roll Call vote:

Enzi- Aye
Gregg- Aye
Alexander- Aye
Burr- Aye
Isakson- Aye
McCain- Aye
Hatch- Aye
Murkowski- Aye
Coburn- Aye
Roberts- Aye

Kennedy- Nay
Dodd- Nay
Harkin- Nay
Mikulski- Nay
Bingaman- Nay
Murray- Nay
Reed- Nay
Sanders- Nay
Brown- Nay
Casey- Nay
Hagan- Nay
Merkley- Nay
Whitehouse- Nay

Not Agreed to (13-10)

The New Republic reported this week that Stanley Greenberg, President Clinton’s pollster during the Clinton-care effort, just polled seniors and found that only one third of seniors support President Obama’s health care plan.

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