Health Care Helps Dems Win Elections Again, but NBC Attacks Warren and Sanders for Not Being on Message

NBC News, lead by the political team at Meet the Press, might as well be writing a memo as political consultants to the Democrats:

“WASHINGTON — In Kentucky’s gubernatorial race, Democrats once again used the issue of health care to help them win a political contest in Red or Purple America.

Their playbook, as they also employed in 2018: attack Republicans for trying to take away health care; emphasize protections for those with pre-existing conditions; and promise to expand coverage to those who need it.

So why are some of their top presidential candidates changing the playbook by calling for Medicare for All and eliminating private insurance?

“Matt Bevin is trying to take away their health care,” Democrat Andy Beshear said in one of his TV ads in Kentucky’s gubernatorial contest. “As attorney general, I’m helping lead a national effort to protect coverage for pre-existing conditions. As governor, I’ll work to lower health-care costs for all of us.”

“As governor, he’s trying to rip away health care from our families,” Beshear said of Bevin in another ad.”

And then NBC admonishes Warren and Sanders for not being on message:

“The political challenge for Medicare for All supporters like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is that their plans are also subject to the attack that someone is trying to take away their health care — i.e., their private insurance.”

What NBC News is really saying is that if Warren and Sanders just backed the public option, they would not be attacked for “trying to take away” voters “health care — i.e., their private insurance” because the public option will allow only those that want Medicare for All to have it and those that want to keep their private insurance, to keep it.

So, NBC urges Sanders and Warren, just back the public option, then you won’t be attacked for “trying to take” voters “health insurance, i.e., their private insurance.”

The Public Option is coming, make no mistake. It’s what the Dems will lead with if they win the White House and the U.S. Senate.

This is yet another reason why support for the Public Option is higher than it seems.

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