My Thoughts on Iowa

First, the dumpster fire:

Second, the Hindenberg:

But seriously and obviously, this will profoundly harm the Democratic party nationally and in Iowa.

Clearly, expect a Trump-bump from this debacle.

Given that Mayor-Cheat is trending on twitter, the Mayor Pete speech (below) is not a good look. Watch the first two minutes and twenty seconds (02:20) and you will have seen enough:

First, for those thinking this is mass incompetence, here are a few relevant pearls of wisdom — the first from my wife: you don’t wear new high heels for the first time on the night of the big event. And, from someone on either MSNBC or CNN: you don’t try out the new electronic cash register on Black Friday.

Second, according to the Iowa Democratic Chairman, Troy Price, the day before the election-night cyber-meltdown, after being asked by CBS News if he had “an election-night nightmare scenario, and if you do, what do you do about it?” Price laughed and said, for these caucuses, they were “the most prepared we’ve ever been,” and “we’ve run through a couple of scenarios,” and “I can tell you, we are ready.”

And last night, here is what the Iowa state party spokesperson said:

On the other hand, it is clear that Mandy McClure is not telling the truth. There were plenty of media stories about the error messages and failing ap.

Even the Democratic Party has since admitted Mandy McClure was not telling the truth. As the Associated Press reported at just after lunch today: “The party told campaigns earlier Tuesday that the delay was a result of a ‘coding issue in the reporting system’ that it said has since been fixed.”

So, why was she not telling the truth?

Is this like the Soviet Union’s Politburo when they first denied the truth about Chernobyl to the world?

So, it is a brave front to save face? You know, the standard:

But these denials are even more difficult to make with a straight face when Mr. Sean Bagniewski, the Democratic party County Chairman of Iowa’s most populous county (Polk County) instructed all his precinct chairs the day before the caucuses to scrap the ap entirely and call in the results by phone — as they have always done.

Mr. Bagniewski’s a very smart guy. Here is what he told Washington Post, as recounted in the Daily Beast:

Sean Bagniewski, chairman of the Polk County Democratic Party, told The Washington Post that local officials had been aware of problems with the app since last Thursday. He said they had requested state officials resolve the issues before Monday’s caucus, but claimed they were referred to a “dedicated staffer” who was then unable to do anything to help. “We had had so many complaints about the app that we started telling our chairs that if they were having problems with the app then you should call in the results,” Bagniewski said.

But really, you have to wonder what in the world the Dems were thinking when they refused to let the Department of Homeland security test the Iowa caucus reporting ap?

Or, perhaps this was an act of domestic sabotage of the ap by the DEMpire, to deny Sanders a victory lap — which would explain why it wasn’t allowed to be tested by DHS?

Here is the prodigy of the Iowa caucus results reporting ap, according to the LA Times:

The firm behind the app reportedly is Shadow, an affiliate of ACRONYM, a Democratic nonprofit founded in 2017 “to educate, inspire, register, and mobilize voters,” according to its website. Shadow started out as Groundbase, a tech developer co-founded by Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis, who worked for the tech team on Clinton’s campaign for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

Niemira had previously worked at, a nonprofit that makes loans to entrepreneurs and others in the developing world, and Davis had spent eight years as an engineer at Google. ACRONYM’s founder and CEO is Tara McGowan, a former journalist and digital producer with President Obama’s 2012 presidential campaign.

Or, was the denial and details lockdown of the Iowa Democratic party dictated by our national cyber forces, who know this was a hack by foreign intelligence operatives?

Those inclined to think that embarrassing the United States on election night, internationally, on television, when all the world’s political elite are watching to see who the Democrats pick to try and beat President Trump may be an attainable goal by our adversaries — then you can pick from a well-known cast who have the technical capability and motive to profoundly embarrass the United States: China, Iran or North Korea.

But all these twists and turns, just to arrive at the spot of who won — it really is the point of how profoundly the failure of the Iowa reporting ap has impacted the race for President.

Officially, right now, all candidates have zero delegates:

But all the campaigns have their own unofficial numbers from every precinct, that their captains reported into their candidate’s headquarters last night.

And Sanders has released those numbers publicly.

Needless to say, Sanders won with 30% (as I predicted about a month ago). Mayor Pete came in second with 25%, followed by Warren with 21% and then Biden at 12%.

The most fascinating part about last night was the 58% of women, versus 42% men that turned out.

And if you listen to the speech by Mayor Pete (above) you can tell that the majority of the voices chanting his last name are female.

Also, the turnout of first-time caucus-goers was high, but the overall turnout was not anything special last night. This could (may possibly) mean that the first-time caucus-goers were, in the main, Sanders voters — while a large portion of those who were undecided simply decided not to decide, and stayed home.

If the Sanders numbers approximate the official results, then Warren and Biden are on life-support, and Mayor Pete needs to do well in New Hampshire and Nevada to stay in the race.

As readers of this blog know, I have predicted Sanders to win NH, NV and SC.

And the winner of Biden coming in last place last night is — Bloomberg.

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