MTG is Bluffing (Again) with Her Motion to Vacate

In a Hill article  with a head-spinning headline, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene continues her role as an agi-prop officer, demanding Speaker Johnson resign because his Speakership is “over,” she tells FOX NEWS:

“It’s coming regardless of what Mike Johnson decides to do. And we have three more Republicans joining us for a special election coming up very soon. So, people need to know this can happen.”

But it is not “very soon.”

Here are several special House elections scheduled for 2024 to fill vacancies in the 118th Congress via

– New York’s 26th Congressional District on April 30, 2024 (D win)
– California’s 20th Congressional District on May 21, 2024 (R win)
– Ohio’s 6th Congressional District on June 11, 2024 (R win)
– Colorado’s 4th Congressional District on June 25, 2024 (R win)

Nine weeks away is not “very soon.”

And whether MTG makes her motion to vacate has nothing to do with the up-coming special elections.  They will make zero difference to whether MTG succeeds in vacating the Speaker.

MTG must wait for the Democrats to decide if they will vote with MTG and the motion to vacate or if the Democrats will vote against her and the motion to vacate.

MTG may be citing the upcoming special elections as to why she has not made her motion to vacate privileged.

Still, the reality is that she does not want all but a handful of Republicans and all the Democrats voting against her.

If that happened, her effort to oust Speaker Johnson would become an overwhelming and bipartisan endorsement of Speaker Johnson, making her look like the fringe and alienated Member of Congress she is, with a handful of her fellow travelers who would also be humiliated by such a vote.

As long as she does not know if the Democrats will vote with her, she will agitate and use whatever media microphone put in front of her, to spin up Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

Apparently, it’s her job.

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