MSM SHOCKER: Politico Actually Reports the Fake One “Stumbles out of the Gate”

But the lead to the story is an obligatory fawning, MSM kow-tow by the writers MIKE ALLEN and JIM VANDEHEI:

“Nothing inspires Democrats like the Barack Obama swagger — the supreme self-confidence on stage, the self-certainty in private.”

Can you imagine why any American thinks that the Fake One is arrogant, condescending or imperious?

But, in the real shocker, they write about Democrat “angst.”

Of course they do not mention in a four page article the Democratic presidential primary results in Kentucky, West Virginia, or Arkansas — which is why I wrote the piece I did about Sean Trende’s analysis of what this means. The left wing, liberal main-stream-media does not listen to or want to even understand political history or any thing of political and historic significance, if it’s not part of their fawning narrative of the Fake One.

There are bunch of reasons, including that they really think the Fake One is “different” — but mostly because they are elitist and have disdain for Kentucky, West Virginia and Arkansas, but also because it shows the Fake One’s electoral weakness — and these writers, they just can’t face that, they can’t admit it to themselves and especially write or think about it.

I mean, after all, what could a key electoral, historic precedence — proven over the course of six former one term president’s administrations — tell Politico?

Answer: nothing they want to hear.

At least James Taranto at the WSJ understands how significant these primary results are, so much so that he is making fun of the Fake One about “nobody” winning.

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