Millennial Tells Parents They Are Required by Law to Cover Her on Their Health Plan

Hat tip to Bridgett Wagner:

Our progressive friends assure us that expanded government programs and benefits aren’t cultivating a culture of dependency in the nation’s youth.

From a health care Q and A over at the Washington Post:

Q: Do we have to carry our 24-year-old daughter on our health insurance policy? She is employed and has two degrees. We informed her that we would be dropping her at the end of the year because it’s costing us a fortune, and she told us today that we are required by law to cover her. We do not claim her on our taxes.

A: It’s your decision whether to keep your daughter on your plan. Under the health law, insurers are required to make coverage available to dependent children until age 26, “but it’s up to the policyholder if they want to cover her,” says Judith Solomon, vice president for health policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Since you no longer claim your daughter on your taxes, you won’t be responsible for paying the penalty if she doesn’t have coverage.

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