Mike Ahmadi: “Perhaps they have some sort of Deus ex machina preparing to come to save the day.”

By Mike Ahmadi

The Democratic Party put forth a candidate that lost to someone who bragged of grabbing pussies.

It was and still is clear that they have no idea how to reach millions of voters in the US.

In nearly four years, rather than make some effort at reaching these voters, they have spent all their time trying to figure out ways to take out the person who apparently was able to reach them.

Those who oppose the president have also continuously bashed his supporters while doing literally NOTHING to try and win them over.

I have watched as support for him has grown and the economy has continuously improved, while his opponents continuously come up with arguments that continue to bash him and his supporters…relentlessly…every single day. I’m still waiting to see something from the Democratic Party that looks like a clever and well thought out plan…anything…just something that makes me take pause and say “now that’s an interesting tactic.”

 I’m hoping that perhaps some of the anti-Trump crowd will at least try some other approach that makes his supporters feel like they would at least be welcomed if they wanted to start a dialogue.

Perhaps they have some sort of Deus ex machina preparing to come to save the day.

The story has gotten too predictable otherwise.

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