Meet the Press Transcript with Dr. Ben Carson on HSAs for Medicaid and Medicare

Full transcript can be found here.


First of all, what I have said is that the system that I would put in place would largely negate the need for Medicare or for Medicaid. So I’m not talking about getting rid of those programs. And the way that I generally see things, entitlement programs, et cetera, is we create a mechanism that allows people to ascend the ladder of success to the extent that they don’t need those programs anymore. That’s what I’m talking about. Now, people will always try to reinterpret that to say, “Carson wants to get rid of this. He wants to get rid of that. And he wants to leave all these people in a terrible situation.” That’s propaganda.


How do you, but you, how do you implement this?


Well, the way you do it is we make health savings accounts available to people from the day that they are born to the day that they die, at which time they can pass it on to their family. We pay for it with the same traditional dollars that we pay for our health care with. Recognize that in America we spend twice as much per capita on health care as many other countries.

And yet we have these horrible access problems. So we have adequate resources. We just don’t use them in an efficient way. And then we give people the ability to shift money within their health savings account within their family. If you’re $500 short, your wife can give it to you out of hers. Or your daughter, or your uncle, or your cousin. It makes, It gives you enormous flexibility without a middleman.

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