McConnell likes Dan Perrin’s Strategy

From RealQuiet:

“If McConnell does object, we must commend him on this one. It puts the Democrats in a terrible position. — Erick

“It is looking like Mitch McConnell will object to the appointment of conferees to create a formal conference that would attempt to reconcile the House and Senate versions of Obamacare.  Harry Reid is likely to start screaming of the GOP being the party of “obstructionists”.  Dingy Harry doesn’t realize however that the GOP being obstructionist is a good thing in the public’s eye.  Americans are still strongly opposed to Obamacare.  Dan Perrin mentioned this strategy as the way to go a few days back.  This sets up some potentially monumental difficulties as the progressive caucus in the House and the Stupak/pro-life Dems both have problems with the bill.

“The Progressive caucus wants something that they can be proud of when they go back to their districts.  However, given the fact that there will be no public option or expansion of Medicare thus being a windfall for insurance companies and language that frowns on abortion funding.  Then they would have to explain to their constituents why they voted for a bill that is pretty much against everything they stand for.

“The Stupak coalition is an interesting dynamic as well.  Already the White House has been putting pressure on Stupak to stop talking about the abortion issue.  Apparently, the White House is very afraid this issue could derail the whole bill.  Stupak hasn’t piped down and is still shouting from the rooftops while flipping the White House the bird.  It is evident the White House is going to pressure the Stupak coalition to compromise their principles.  However, the Stupak coalition is already seeing what is happening to Judas Ben Nelson.  This likely will harden their position on holding to their pro-life principles because they don’t want to reap the whirlwind that Nelson is.

“An interesting congressional session awaits when the House and Senate reconvenes.

“HUGE DEVELOPMENT — Hot Air is reporting that Obama plans to shelve Healthcare until February to focus on Jobs and the Economy.  Evidently, the House doesn’t have the votes to pass the Senate bill.

“UPDATE #2 — A leading Democratic congresswoman, Louise Slaughter (H/T Dan Riehl, American Spectator) D-NY is calling for the Senate Bill to be scrapped and to start all over.”

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