McCaughey: CDC’s Lack of Test Kits means They are Flying Blind — How You Can Protect Yourself

Betsy McCaughey in the NY Post on where the virus is now:

The only known US cases are travelers to China, their spouses and cruise-ship passengers. But people carrying the virus entered the United States before Team Trump imposed travel and quarantine restrictions on Feb. 2.

Those early arrivals are likely spreading the disease to others. As of Tuesday, the CDC insists that the virus “is not currently spreading in the community in the United States.” Maybe, but the CDC assessment is based on a lack of testing and actual information. They’re flying blind.

Rule One for Not getting the Wuhan Virus:

Stay out of emergency rooms unless you are severely ill or injured. For now, it’s the likeliest place to catch coronavirus.

Anyone unknowingly suffering from coronavirus will probably go there. That’s what Patient Zero in Italy did. When another coronavirus, SARS, struck Ontario, ­Canada, in 2003, an infected man waited for 16 hours in a crowded ER, infecting those around him and launching an outbreak that killed dozens.

McCaughey on other likely infection places:

Some countries are canceling public events, closing businesses and schools, and urging people to stay home. Not so in the United States, though Messonnier sees that coming and has warned families to prepare.

Meanwhile, if you take mass transit to work, wash your hands afterward and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. The virus is transmitted mostly through coughs and sneezing, but also by touching surfaces like subway poles or chair rails after an infected person.

If it spreads, the CDC will recommend large-scale cleaning: Think daily disinfection of subway cars. Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, are you listening?

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