Lymericks Inspired by Intel Official Who Leaked Extensive UFO Files to Congress that the USG has Alien Craft

In D.C., where secrets hold fast,

An intel official at last,

Said, “Of this take note,

We’ve a non-human boat,

From dimensions unseen in the past.”


On Capitol Hill, quite a blast,
An intel chief stepped up at last,
Said, “Look what we found,
Not from our ground,
A craft from a non-human past.”


The UFO news broke wide,
With nowhere for skeptics to hide,
“Craft not of our making,”
The official was stating,
Its origin, we can’t decide.


A report from the government’s core,
That couldn’t be ignored anymore,
“A non-human craft!”
Caused Congress to laugh,
Till they saw what the intel had in store.

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