Many Suggestions of Good Shows to Watch on Netflix or Amazon

In no particular order:

On Netflix:

The Angel in English

The Spy in English

IRIS in Korean

The Mechanism in Portuguese

Undercover Law in Spanish

Pine Gap in English

Ozark in English

Operation Chromite in Korean

Bodyguard in English

The Unknown Hitman, The Story of El Cholo Adrian in Spanish

Layer Cake in English

Wild District in Spanish

Bad Blood in English

Dark in German

Travelers in English

Occupied in Norwegian

Steel Rain in Korean

WOLF in Turkish

Peaky Blinders in English

Memories of Alhambra in Korean

Another Life in English

The Same Sky in German

Traitors in English 

Undercover in Dutch

Secret City in English

Queen of the South in Spanish

The Highwaymen in English

Chick flick (romantic comedy): aboutTime in English

On Amazon:

Chernobyl in English by HBO

The Americans in English

Warsaw 44 in Polish

Counterpart in German

Bosch in English

Hanna in German

12 Strong in English

13 Hours in English

Mobius in French

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