Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson Dares The Seditious Bastard to Sue Him


You’re not going to do a goddamn thing. You are weak, you are impotent, you are flabby. You are sitting there in the bridal suite at Mar-a-Lago or in the bridal suite at Bedminster, grinding your gears, wondering why that the Lincoln Project, no matter how many times you try to kill us, keeps coming at you. You know why? We’re here in this fight for the long haul, because you are a threat to democracy. You are a threat to America. You are a threat to the Republic. You are a threat to the Constitution. You are a thief of classified documents. You are a traitor to this country. You tried to overthrow the government and the system of our peaceful transition of power, and f*ck you. We’re here. You’re not. We will keep kicking your ass every single day. So if you want to try to sue us, Donald, go for it. Throwdown! Let’s go. We can’t wait. You won’t do it because you are, in fact, as I said previously, completely impotent. Just ask Melania.

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