Liberals Launch Television Ads in Montana Against Baucus on Public Option

The Associated Press is reporting that liberal groups are targeting Senator Baucus in Montana with television ads that began to run today:

“Two liberal groups are launching a hard-hitting television and Internet ad featuring a young father from Montana. Bing Perrine, 26, in need of a heart operation, uninsured and deeply in debt, looks straight into the camera and asks Baucus, “Whose side are you on?”

The ad is sponsored by Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, who say Baucus is too cozy with insurance and health care interests that have contributed to his campaigns and oppose the public option.

“The public option is the only true way we can keep it fair,” Perrine said in an interview. The insurance industry says it couldn’t compete with the price-setting power of government.”

And the television ads accompany a letter signed by 23 local Democratic Party leaders in Montana that says, in part:

Another group, Health Care for America Now, is circulating a Sept. 23 letter to Baucus from local Democratic Party leaders in Montana, which is raising more questions from the left about the senator’s position on the public plan. The letter summarizes an August telephone call between Baucus and the Democratic leaders, and quotes the senator as saying, “I want a public option, too.”

In the very first press conference that Senator Baucus held on health care reform about a year ago, Baucus made clear his opposition to a single payer system, which he publicly rejected out of hand.  The fact of the matter is that the votes for a public option may or may not exist in the U.S. Senate, but it is one issue that could prevent several Democratic Senators from voting for cloture to end the certain filibuster.

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