Laszewski: ObamaCare is 35% off the mark on “achieving a risk pool with a good spread”

From the Investors Daily:

“In Washington state, for example, the premium for the second cheapest silver plan dropped 10.4%. But the biggest ObamaCare insurer in the state — Premera Blue Cross — put in for increases of 10% or more.

As a result, someone who gets subsidies and wants to stick with Premera could see a 30% hike in their after-subsidy premiums.
These hikes will only make ObamaCare more unpopular with the young and healthy and with those who aren’t eligible for subsidies.
This year, more than three-quarters of eligible enrollees who earn less than 150% of poverty income enrolled in ObamaCare. But only 16% of those making three to four times the poverty level did so, even though they, too, are eligible for ObamaCare subsidies.

Overall, only 40% of eligible enrollees have signed up. This is a major problem, says industry analyst Robert Laszewski, because “the industry standard for achieving a risk pool with a good spread of risk is 75%.”

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