Lancet: 82% of Infected have Mild Symptoms — of 41 Chinese Virus Hospitalized Patients, 15% Died, Seven Still Hospitalized

WSJ on Lancet findings on the Wuhan Virus:

Most people who are infected may become only mildly ill, data suggest. Of 17,000 cases in China, 82% had mild symptoms, 15% were severely ill, and 3% were critically ill, according to the WHO, citing Chinese authorities. Public-health officials are trying to determine how many people have been infected, including those who didn’t get sick at all. 

The 41 patients selected in Wuhan China to study the virus show the mortality rate could go higher is any of the seven still hospitalized die.

From the WSJ:

Who is most at risk?

Adults of all ages have been infected. The median age of the first 425 patients in Wuhan was 59 years old, and 56% were male, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Many of the first patients who died were over 60 years old, had other illnesses such as diabetes and were admitted to hospitals when their illness was advanced. Few children have been reported with the infection, but that could change.

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