Key Freedom Caucus Member: No Governing Majority in the House without Dem Votes — both Moderate and Conservative GOP at No on the Other’s Spending Bills

From FOX NEWS, Key Freedom Caucus member predicts House GOP will fall short of government funding goals:

House GOP will likely fall short of its goal to pass 12 individual appropriations bills to fund the government, citing the pervasive fractures within the conference.

“I don’t think that we have the votes in the House to either adopt conservative policies because the moderates will vote against it, or the spending levels that the moderates want, because the conservatives will vote against it,” Buck told Fox News Digital.

“So we’re still stuck, and the leadership needs — and I think they’ve shown this a few times now — needs Democrat votes to get spending bills passed, and that’s going to require either a couple of minibuses or an omnibus at some point next year.”

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